Panel Upgrades

This is a picture of a panel upgrades.

The electrical panel in your home is what actually regulates how much electricity is entering your home. If there is too much coming inside your home then it will trip the breaker and the panel will prevent any more electricity from overloading the wiring. If the wiring becomes overloaded then it could cause your home to catch on fire. Rather than allowing this to happen, call Santa Clarita Electricians to evaluate the problem. It is the electrical panel that will help to keep this from occurring. This is something that will save your home from going up in smoke. Our certified electricians are able to offer you all the help that you will need to upgrade the electrical panel in your home before anything tragic can occur. Unfortunately, the older your home is the more likely your electrical panel will need to be upgraded. Older panels are unable to keep up with the amount of electricity being used in the home. You usually have a computer, HVAC systems, appliances, televisions, lights; all operating at the same time. When this happens it will eventually overload the panel.

The Electrical Panel in Your Home

The main power line provided to you from your local power company is located in a box just outside your home. This is the meter box. The line going to your meter box is connected to the breaker box too, which is located on the inside of your home. This box can usually be found in the utility room of your house or a closet or in your basement. It is usually a gray box. Your electrical panel is a row of switches that you will see when you open up your breaker box. The primary source of your power comes from here. In some cases, the switches are doubled so that more electricity can be used. You'll notice the numbers on the switches that correspond to the area in the house that it is powering.

Signs of A Problem

Older breaker panels can and will often malfunction when they are not being regularly inspected. The reason that this happens is that the circuits are usually overloaded and cannot meet the demands that it needs for electricity. If you see something like a flickering light, this is a sign that there could be a problem with your breaker panel. This is something that some people will just ignore since the lights eventually stop flickering. However, this is something that shouldn't be ignored. If you have to turn an appliance off so that you can turn something else on that uses electricity, this is also a sign that there is a problem with your electrical panel. When you have a breaker that has tripped, give us a call at Santa Clarita Electricians where we can install a new panel.

Why Hire Santa Clarita Electricians

Our emergency services have been operating in the Santa Clarita, CA area for decades. We’ve been able to assist thousands of people with their electrical needs, including the installation of their new breaker panel.

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